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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Textbook Express?
A service offered by the Bookstore that allows students to purchase books online and have them held
     at the store for pickup or delivery.

When does it begin/end?
     Fall 2018 books can be reserved online starting Monday, July 16th
     Textbook reserves placed prior to the first day of class must be picked up by Friday, August 31st.
     On August 27th, a new reserve period will open and reserves will need to be picked up
     within 10 days of order date
     **Keep in mind that availability may be limited if you wait to buy your book after your class begins**

         Click here to see bookstore hours of operation.

Will I be able to get used books, new books, or rental books?
You can specify either. If a book is unavailable in your specified condition, the
     bookstore will substitute with what is in stock. Rented books maybe new or used
     depending on availability. If you reserve early you will have most opportunity to
     purchase or rent a used copy. We pull those with the best condition (highlighting, etc.)
     to the first customers.

How do I know what is available to rent?
If titles are available to rent, rental prices will be displayed online and in the store.
     Not all titles are available to rent and available rental titles will vary by the semester.
     Rental availability of any title can end at any time.

When do I return my rental books?
     Rental books for Fall 2018 are due by Wednesday, December 19th.

     Your receipt will display the last day to return your books. If you drop a class mid term or wish to return
     your book prior to buyback, bring it to the main floor cash register in the bookstore.

What if I do not return my rental book on time?
     Books not returned by the due date will be charged the replacement cost plus a $25
     per book late fee as stated on your receipt and you keep the book. Replacement costs
     are indicated on your original purchase receipt.

What are my online payment options for textbooks? 
     Textbooks must be pre-paid by the following methods:
     Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover)
     University Account (Available only during certain time periods) Click here for dates/policies
     Bookstore Gift Card
     Campus Cash: https://get.cbord.com/mnstate/full/login.php

    All purchases require payment information. If there is a problem with your payment method,
    your selections will not be reserved until the payment issue is resolved. You will be notified by
    email or phone of any payment issues. Credit Card and gift card sales will be billed as the books
    become available. Financial Aid charges will be billed to your account immediately, pending any
    payment issues and regardless of current stock availability as the books become available. 

Where do I go to pick up my order?
In the lower level of the MSUM Bookstore. They will have your books
    in a bag ready to go for you.

What if I want my books shipped to me?
    You may select the shipping option of your choice when prompted for shipping
    information.  NOTE: We will ship on campus, but you will be charged standard shipping charges.

What if I do not have a copy of my class schedule?
Click here for a link to eServices to get a listing or copy of your schedule.

What if the department and course I enter has no items that come up?
The bookstore does not currently have a book order from the instructor for that course
    or there may not be a book required for the class.  Please check back later.

How will I know if my order was received by the MSUM Bookstore?
If you receive an email confirmation with your order number, your order has been received by the
    bookstore.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, go into the main bookstore front page and
    select the shopping basket icon in the upper right hand corner of the bookstore front page to review
    items.  NOTE:  You must select the "check out" option to process your order.