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MSUM Bookstore Apple Authorized Service Provider

The MSUM Bookstore is an Apple Authorized Service Provider with an Apple Certified Technician in-store that is qualified for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty Apple product repair. For students/faculty/staff that are under warranty (1-year or AppleCare+) and have not damaged their computer accidentally or voided warranty, repair charges are free including shipping, parts, and labor. If an in-warranty laptop computer requires a mail-in repair, Apple includes overnight shipping to and from the Apple repair depot so turnaround time is very quick. This same mail-in process also applies to in-warranty and AppleCare+ covered iPad's.

For an out-of-warranty repair performed in-store, students/faculty/staff are charged on a per part basis plus a $30 an hour charge for labor. If an out-of-warranty laptop requires a mail-in repair, Apple charges a flat-rate dollar amount in tiers based on the type of Mac what needs to be repaired. Liquid damaged in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs fall under the highest flat-rate tier. Desktop Mac's are not eligible for mail-in service, so all service is performed in-store.

If you are having issues with your Apple product, whether in-warranty or out-of-warranty, please feel free to come into the technology area of the MSUM Bookstore so initial diagnostics (free) can be run to determine your best option for repair and so we can get your hardware up and running again as soon as possible.