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Store Policies

Dates for Spring 2023 Account Charging (Up to $600):

12/2/22 to 2/10/23 at 4:30 PM


All students now have the option to charge an additional $400 for summer semester and $600 for fall and spring semesters to their university account. Outstanding Bookstore charges will need to be paid in full by the tuition due dates for each semester or a $50 late fee will apply. If you have an outstanding balance from a previous semester, you will not be able to charge to your university account until the balance is paid in full. Please be prepared to have alternate methods of payment at the cash register in the event your university account is not sufficient to cover the cost of your course materials.

Your MSUM student ID card is preferred for financial aid charging. A valid driver's license and a current class schedule from the Registrar's Office will also be accepted.

Your bookstore charges will appear on your tuition & fee statement and will be deducted from your financial aid/university account.

*NOTE: Failure to pay your bill in full during the current semester may hinder your ability to charge the following semester.


  • New and used textbooks
  • Blank computer disks
  • Calculators
  • Flash Drives/Hard Drives
  • General reference books (study guides, dictionary, thesaurus, writing theme papers, how to study books)
  • All supply department items
  • Backpacks


A receipt is required for all returns. Returns are accepted at the front cashier area. Textbook returns are accepted in the Course Materials area of the Bookstore on the lower level.

  • Receipt MUST be presented at the time of return or exchange.
  • Refunds will be given within 60 days of purchase (Excludes textbooks).
  • Textbook Return Policy.