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Finding Your Textbooks

All textbooks are located in the lower level of the Bookstore.

It is important to bring a copy of your course schedule. If you do not have a copy, login to eServices to lookup or print a copy.

The textbook sales floor is separated by academic department. First locate what department your course is in such as ENGL- locate English department, MATH- locate Math department, etc.

Shelf tags are shelved in section number order. Locate the section number on your class schedule. Each shelf tag or groups of shelf tags are by section. You may find 3 tags with all the same section number such as 113. You then need to look at your course schedule to find the course ID number and match it to the course ID # on the shelf tag (located in upper right hand corner of shelf tag).

On the shelf tag will be a listing of books for the course. On the right of each author/title is the new and used price and whether the book is required/optional/or recommended. It is suggested that you wait to go to class prior to purchasing optional or recommended books. Optional books are requested by an instructor. Recommended books are not requested by an instructor, but the bookstore recommends as an item that can assist you in the course. Such items include study guides for textbooks, calculators for finance courses, etc.

Look on the shelf above the tag and verify you are pulling the correct textbooks. If some books are missing on the shelf, see if there is a "see also" with a department/section number listed. That means this title is also used in other department/sections so the books may have sold out in this location, but are in other areas of the store. If there are no "see also" listings, inquire at the textbook office as to when the book may arrive.