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Textbook Adoptions and Due Dates


Our new program is in place. You should be receiving emails for the courses you teach with a link embedded in the email to enter the information. If you have any questions please call or email 218-477-2133 / samson@mnstate.edu.

The wholesalers (used book companies) have a limited supply of used books. The wholesalers distribute their used books on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner your orders are received, the better chance we will have of getting used books for your course. Used books save the students 25%.

Please be thorough when submitting requests. Is this class cross-listed in the schedule? If so, submit each department separately. Please be sure to select the correct section number and instructor.

Packets or other Course Materials: If a packet is required for the class, please list this in the comment section for the class. Also, let us know if the packet will be available for sale at the bookstore or where students can pick up the packet. All Print Center orders must go through the Bookstore first. Let us know if this packet will be printed from a hard or electronic copy. Also, is this a new printing please state if it is a reprint with no changes or a reprint with changes that need to be made.

Please get this information to us as soon as possible to assure it will be on the shelves before classes start.

Book Requisition Due Dates

Spring: October 15th

Summer: March 15th

Fall: April 1st

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Desk Copy Information

It is each departments responsibility to contact publishers for desk copies. We do have a link below to access a form to send or email to publishers to make this more convenient. If you need to purchase one from the textbook area the following applies:

All desk copies will be billed directly to your department account. Credit will be issued when the desk copies are returned within 30 days of checkout. Used books will be credited for full value when returned within a 30-day time frame. New books must be free of any highlighting or damages, such as bent corners or marred surfaces, to receive full credit. Damaged books will be credited back at the used book value. Desk copies charged out after the 6th week of school are not returnable. To ensure proper credit back to your account, we ask that you bring your original charge slip with you and return all desk copies to the textbook office in the lower level of the Bookstore.

Click here for a desk copy form

Book Returns to Publishers

The MSU Moorhead Bookstore starts returning textbooks the 7th week of classes each semester to prevent losing our returns privileges with publishers. Wholesale companies only give us 60 days from the start of classes to return used textbooks.

The following announcement is printed in the Continews to remind faculty we are getting close to returning textbooks.

Attention faculty: Please announce in your classes that the MSU Moorhead Bookstore is beginning to return books to vendors. Students should purchase any textbooks for this semester as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Textbook Department Contact Information

Adison Jaeger

Textbook Returns

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Textbook Buyback

View all Textbook Buyback information HERE.